Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll (Book Review)

Real Marriage is an honest, in your face look at what are the real issues affecting today’s marriages, and provides steps and advice on how to resolve those marriage issues. While certain topics made me squirm a just a bit, it was certainly a delight to see Mark and Grace tackle those difficult topics head-on.

By far one of the most straightforward and no holds barred books that I have ever read. It pulled back no punches on the issues. It also gave Biblical and practical insight as to why today’s marriage are on such upheaval. Mark and Grace were very candid, and open, about their own lives, which added credibility to the advise and guidance they give in the book.

The book challenged me to look into my own marriage and see where I am falling short, and where I can improve. It also answered many questions that I personally had about different marriage topics.

Although the centerpiece of the book was the topic of marriage it also dealt with family issues that arise from marriage. The book also allowed me to take a good look at how my marriage affects the overall function of the family. The book inspired me to take steps to deliberately improve my marriage so that the institution of family also benefits.

The information was presented in a very cohesive and logical manner. It started with the reason why God created marriage in the first place and expounded on different topics from that point on. The authors also used Biblical truths as evidence to answer questions on every topic they touched.

I would recommend this book to anyone planning on getting married, or already married, and wants to tackle the difficult issues that marriage presents, from a Biblical perspective.

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  1. Thanks for your review, Juan. I’ve heard lots about this book – it certainly seems like you either love it or hate it, haha.

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