Leading Posts for the week of 10/15

The following are some of my favorite posts for the week of 10/15. These are the posts that helped me lead better every day. If you missed them, click on the hyperlink and enjoy.

12 Signs Of Leaders Who Make A Little Difference In The World – Brian Dodd.

Things that are Excellent – Black Sheep HDFC - Larry Hehn

How The Law of Dharma Impacts your Leadership - Dan Black

A Cry for Help: One Girl’s Fateful Struggle - Doc Shawn

Two Important Words Every Father Must Learn To Say - Eric Speir

He Knows the Plans - Jason Vana

Danger Must Be Known Before Fear Can Be Felt - Joseph Lalonde

The Problem with Margin - Loren Pinilis

Fast Food Church - “THE” Barba

The Best Way To Procrastinate - Kimanzi Constable

What were some of your favorite posts from the week of 10/15?

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2 Responses to Leading Posts for the week of 10/15

  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Dan Black says:

    Thank you for the mention!!! Its an honor

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