Leaders run through the pain

I subscribe to the theory that everything rises and falls on leadership, because a leaders job is the most difficult in the world.

Take for example a stay-at-home mom. They all do housework, i.e. cleaning, cooking, shopping, taking kids to activities, and has to maintain a positive demeanor through it all, many times while being physically ill.

Along with being the most difficult job in the world, leadership also comes with pain. Pain of failure, disappointment, dealing with conflict, dealing with a difficult boss and employees, or children that don’t appreciate all the hard-work done for their sake.

Pain, probably should be a leaders last name.

Jesus, the greatest leader of them all, and the greatest at everything he did, went through a lot of pain. After fasting for 40 days and 40 nights (Matthew 4:1-11), and enduring hunger pangs, he then had to endure the temptations of the devil.

But Jesus preserved and and pushed through the pain. Jesus could have quit his fasting on the tenth day, or while being tempted by the devil he could have taken the easy way out and called on an army of angels to dispose of the devil.

Jesus, didn’t do any of those things. He confronted the pain, he ran through the pain.

Here are four benefits of running through the pain:

1. Running through the pain makes you realize you can accomplish more than you thought you could.

2. Running through the pain brings focus and clarity to your goals.

3. Running through the pain make you grow and develop in your areas of strength and weaknesses.

4. Running through the pain sets you apart from those who quit.

What has been your experience of running through pain, and how have you benefited from it?

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12 Responses to Leaders run through the pain

  1. tcavey says:

    Running through the pain means there’s an end. Avoiding it means you never truly deal with it, it haunts you and you live in fear of confronting it.

    Running through pain hurts but there’s joy and freedom at the end.

  2. You hit on the head, Juan. When we’re in the pain, it feels like it’ll last forever, but then there’s the breakthrough and you don’t even remember it any longer. We have the joy then of next-level living with its own challenges to overcome. In all things, He walks with us, guides, and heals. God is so good! Thanks Juan.

  3. Powerful message here Juan. Jesus had to deal with all of that an more. Imagine already knowing who is going to harm you and you not even retaliate or have some hostility toward them? Absolutely amazing.

  4. If it was best for us that everything came easily to us, then God would make everything easy. If you really think that he does everything for our good, we should welcome the pain in a way. Welcome it as an opportunity to grow.

  5. Dan Black says:

    Running through pain has helped me become a better person and leader. The trails and challenges have built me up. Great post!

  6. Mia says:

    Hi Juan
    I have to stop by after I found your blog at Jason’s. I relate 100 % and want to thank you. I have been a stay-at- home Mom for 23 years and know what you are talking about. Glad and surprised that this is coming from the other gender. Hehehe…
    Bless you for this

    • Juan Cruz Jr says:

      Hi Mia, thanks for stopping by. As a stay-at-home mom you have a very difficult job. My wife is a stay-at-home mom as well, and I see how tough it is and all things that she has to endure. God bless.

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