5 Things Leaders Don’t Do

There are a lot of things that leaders do as part of their every day responsibilities. But there are also many others things that leaders shouldn’t do if they want to be well respected and effective leaders. This is my top 5 of things that leaders don’t do.

1. Leaders don’t make excuses. Leaders find solutions and put a plan in place. Where there is a will there is a way, and leaders must make a way. They don’t focus on the obstacles ahead of them, they focus on solutions.

2. Leaders don’t say “I don’t have time.”  Leaders make time and prioritize the important things. I’ve completely taken “I don’t have time” out of my vernacular. If I don’t get to something, I simply say, “I didn’t make time”. This also makes me accountable for everything that I do.

3. Leaders do not let opportunities go by. Leaders seize opportunities even if they don’t have experience. Taking on a challenge that is new can be a daunting experience. But great leaders will recognize that they don’t need to do everything themselves, they build a great team around them, and take advantage of opportunities.

4. Leaders don’t run away from problems. Problems never go away by ignoring them,or sweeping them under the rug. They just fester only to return again later. Leaders face problems head-on, as difficult as it may be. I always tell my customers, as soon as you are aware of a problem let me know right away. I rather take care of the problems while they are still in their infancy stage to head-off bigger issues later.

5. Leaders don’t give up. A hallmark of leadership is persevering even in the face of challenges. Leaders break -through and get things done. In the beginning of my leadership career, if I was confronted with opposition, I assumed that “it was, what it was”, no longer. Now I overcome all obstacles, and become tenacious in the face of opposition.

What are other things that leaders don’t do? 

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7 Responses to 5 Things Leaders Don’t Do

  1. What stuck out to me was not running away from problems. I’ve been under too many people who did this. I’ve seen too many organizations get in hot water because of this. Leaders need to confront problems early on before they grow. They often don’t go away on their own.

  2. Dan Black says:

    Great title and post! I would add leaders don’t try and pass on final responsibility.

  3. Sad to say, I didn’t know too many leaders in my life up until recently. I used to be surrounded by people who would make excuses and claim they have no time. I always thought that claim was nonsense because 95% of the people who said they had no time, did nothing at all. They were simply sitting there making excuses.

    I’m glad it looks like I’m on my way to becoming a leader.

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