3 Things Leaders must Endure

Being a leader is a tough role. As leaders we either get all the credit or we get all the blame. Of course as leaders we should be quick to give credit to our team members, but that’s another blog post.

Because being a leader is a tough role, one of the hallmarks of leadership is being able to endure in the midst of difficulties. Since“Everything rises and falls on leadership,” as John Maxwell aptly said, leaders have to persevere no matter the circumstances or roadblocks that face us on a regular basis.

Here a three things that leaders must endure:

1. Criticism – Leaders will be criticized over many things. Either the wrong decision was made, or not made quick enough. Or we will be criticized for not being perfect, as if perfection were a prerequisite for leadership. You name it, you’ll be criticized for it.

2. Failure – Leaders will fail. If you are human and a leader, take it from me, you will have your share of failures. But if you endure you will also have your share of successes and victories. If you have failed it’s because you are moving the in the right direction. Keep going, victory is just around the corner.

2. Resistance – When a leader implements change not everyone will welcome the changes with open arms. Team members will ride a wave of emotions that will include denial, anger, and leading up to resistance. Leaders have to stay firm in the face of resistance when it’s in the best interest of team members, customers, and the business, in general.

 What are other things that leaders will endure in their leadership run? 

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5 Responses to 3 Things Leaders must Endure

  1. Dan Black says:

    I think you have the three biggest ones here. I think failure can lift us up or drag us down, the choice is ours. It’s important to stay humble and learn from the failures.

  2. I think there’s probably also an element of self-doubt that leaders have to deal with as well. And that crops up a lot when the other factors are at play.

  3. TJ Trent says:


    Number one seems to relate to my current experience the most right now. You cannot please everyone.

    I would also add enduring success is almost if not more important than enduring failure. Do you allow the success to go to your head.

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