Leading Posts week of 2/25/13

Awesome posts the last week of February. Hope you enjoyed many, if not all, these posts.

Sharing Christ More Belief than Action - Doc Shawn

3 Be’s of Leadership - Guest post by Chris Hendrix on danblackonleadership

8 Keys to Building and Having Lasting Relationships - Dan Black

Am I Too Indulgent? - TJ Trent

TJ’s Spotlight - TJ Trent

72 Proverbs from Hell. (Not the Usual Hell.) _ Gretchen Rubin

What People Will Remember - Joseph Lalonde

Any other favorite posts from last week? 

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4 Responses to Leading Posts week of 2/25/13

  1. tcavey says:

    I was away from my computer last week and missed many wonderful posts. Thanks for this list. I’ll have to check these out!

  2. Dan Black says:

    Great posts! Thank you so much for including my post:) Your great.

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