Leading Posts week of 3/25

Great posts from last week. Hope you had time to enjoy these last week as well.

Holy Spirit Attraction - by Ken(TheBarba) Hagerman

That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re a Pharisee - by Larry Hehn

9 Signs You’re A Leader - by Joseph Lalonde

The Value of the Intentional Life - by danonleadership (Guest post, Chris Peek)

Whatever You Do, Don’t Quit - by TJ Trent

The Six Deadly Sins of Leadershipby Jack and Suzy Welch

10 Ways to Know Someone is Leaving Your Church – by Brian Dodd

Any other posts that you would recommend? 

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3 Responses to Leading Posts week of 3/25

  1. tcavey says:

    Thanks for posting these, I enjoyed reading TJ’s post.
    Have a great week!

  2. Ken Hagerman says:

    Thanks for including me this week Juan.

  3. Larry Hehn says:

    Thank you for the honor, Juan!

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