Give up and be a Joyful Leader

Leaders should set the example of being joyful. No, being joyful doesn’t mean that everything goes your way. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have conflict with customers, employees, or conflict at home.

As leaders we should set the tone at home and work and we should start by being joyful despite the challenges with face every day.

One of the stumbling blocks to joy is trying to be in control of everything that happens around us. That is nearly impossible and as they saying goes, a recipe for disaster.

Here are three things to give up and be joyful:

1. Give up control – no one knows how to do the job of your employees better than the employees themselves. Don’t micro-manage or try to control, it will only cause you frustrations. Once you give up control of the day to day operations, you’ll have more time for setting vision which is one of your primary jobs as a leader.

2. Give up being right – if you want to know how things get done correctly, ask your employees, and even your children. As a leader you are not meant to be right all the time. More often than not your employees know first hand how work gets done, how customers perceive your products and services, among many other things.

3. Give up trying to make people like you – as a leader, generally speaking, I don’t care about the means, as long as they are ethical, I care more about the outcome. As a leader that’s why I make every effort to involve my employee to do things their way, that makes the most sense, and is most efficient and effective to get work done.

Then after you have given up. Here are some things you can do keep your joy:

1. Have a hobby you enjoy – Having a hobby can be a good way to learn something new. Leaders should learn often and keep the mind sharp. A gloomy mind is a joyless life.

2. Read good books – Leaders are readers might be a cliche, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Sharpen your mind with a good book that is full of wisdom and insight. You’ll be happy to discover from good books that others face many of the same challenges you do and it will encourage you that you are not alone.

3. Listen to encouraging music – I love good music. Nothing gets mind and body excited like some good encouraging music with a positive message.

What are other things you can give up, and what else can help you maintain your joy?

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10 Responses to Give up and be a Joyful Leader

  1. Tom Dixon says:

    You are right – the leader is not always right, and has to be willing to listen to his team. I am smart enough to know if my team is all saying the same thing then I need to question my answer and listen to theirs.

    • Juan Cruz Jr says:

      Tom, what a huge clue when more than one team member is saying the same thing, huh? I’ve learned to listen as well and make sure that my teams input is put into some type of action. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dan Black says:

    I make sure to spend time with my family, they bring me great joy!!! Great post bro!

    • Juan Cruz Jr says:

      Dan, I’ve seen from your Facebook posts how you spend quality time with your wife and child. That is so awesome to see, and I agree when I spend time with my family it brings me immense joy.Thanks for sharing bro.

  3. I have a hard time letting go and delegating but I get burnt out, I know I need to let go some to be a joyful leader!

    • Juan Cruz Jr says:

      Kimanzi, i know what you mean. That use to be one of my weak points as leader. I thought I had to do it all in order to make sure it got done right and on time. But I much, much better now. I know what I am not good at, and I identify team members who are much better at one thing or another, and delegate it to them.

  4. TJ Trent says:


    Excellent post my friend. We need to remain joyful despite the outside circumstances. When I am in the States with my family coming home to them each night makes a big difference.

  5. It’s interesting to me that the first steps you take toward joy are giving up things – the bad perceptions and expectations we have. So insightful!

    • Juan Cruz Jr says:

      Loren, when we hold on to things too tightly it can cause us to feel like we are in control. But once those things are gone we could lose perspective and our joy. Thanks for sharing.

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