Leaders have a regimen, but are adaptable

Having a routine, or a regimen is very important. It can lead to great levels of focus which can lead to high levels of productivity.

We all have some regimen. It could be good or it could be bad. I have an exercise regimen. I workout 5 days a week -two days are cardio, three days are strength training.

But since life happens, I don’t always go 5 days in a row. It could be two days, a break, then three days. Also, I might not always alternate my cardio and strength training days. I might do two days in a row of cardio or two days in row of strength training.

Because life does happen, I have learned to be adaptable, but still achieve my goal of working out 5 days a week, even if the pattern is not the same week in and week out.

It’s very important for leaders to have regimen but be adaptable for several reasons.

1. It creates good decisions making abilities – when we restrict the way we think we can also inadvertently restrict our decision making. Being adaptable allows you to be open to other ideas that you, or others, might have, but are quick to dismiss when you are set in your ways.

2. Creates opportunities – being adaptable creates other opportunities that might not have been possible or plain to see when we stick with our first thought, idea, or decision. As leaders we are supposed to allow for other opportunities to come our way and be open to those opportunities where it may seem reasonable.

3. Able to tap into other resources – leaders are always looking for ways to use current resources at their disposal. But visionary leaders can tap into other resources that might not necessarily be within our own control. Being adaptable can open up relationships with others and the resources that they have under their control, which you might need as a leader.

Are the other benefits, or reasons, you can think you of, why it’s a good idea to be adaptable?

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