Great Leaders have a number two

All  leaders that aspire to be great leaders need a number two man, or woman. Batman has Robin, Lone Ranger has Tonto, and Moses had Joshua. There’s a lot to be said for having a right hand man. But no Bible verse says it better than Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.

Here are three benefits of having a number two, or as they say a “right hand man (or woman)”:

1. Complement skills and abilities that you don’t have – True leaders are not foolish enough to think that they know it all and can do it all. Being an effective leader means that you know your limitations and are humble enough to recognize those limitations. I am blessed to know that I not only have one right hand man, but two, that have skills and abilities that I do not posses.

2. Complement your character – I am a straight forward individual. And because of that I recognize that I have “jumped the gun” as they say, on many occasions when a bit more tact was probably in order. Having a number two that has a different character can help you balance your approach with individual team members. If you are straight forward like me, you might need someone that is more subtle in their approach. It doesn’t mean that as  leader you can’t flex, or adapt, which you should, but it does mean that your number two person can compliment your primary character.

3. Free to focus on strategy – As a leader chances are you are engaged, or at least you should be, more in strategy, as opposed to tactics. Having a number that can focus on the day to day operations and tactics, will free you as a leader to focus on the strategy and overall vision of your team. If you don’t spend quality time as a leader focusing on strategy, your team and the business you lead will stagnate.

What are some other benefits of having a “number two”?

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