The Leadership Mandate by Dan Black (Book Review)

Lead MandI have the honor and privilege of reviewing a book from a great father, husband, and leader, and someone I consider a friend, Dan Black. But before I review the book, let me just say a little bit about Dan.

I had the privilege of meeting Dan last year in San Diego. We sat down for dinner, and while I never verbalized it to Dan at the time, as we talked, I told myself he is going to do great things in the field of leadership.

Dan is already doing great things in the area of leadership. If you haven’t already, follow his blog, danblackonleadership. There you can read awesome blog posts, and also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Now for the book review. I am not saying this just because I know Dan, and I admire what he is doing. But once I purchased, and downloaded the ebook, and I started reading, I did not stop until I was done.

“The Leadership Mandate” is one of the most practical books you can read on leadership, period. I was struck by Dan’s sincerity, insight, and passion as a leader, and his desire that leaders – whether you consider yourself one or not -grow in their areas of strength, passion, and purpose to influence others.

Dan does a great job if tying together the 10 essential elements to make sure that as a leader you can increase your influence on others, become a better leader, and move in your area of passion.

For me the area that most stuck with me was element #7: Passion. Dan asked several questions in this element. But the two that really helped me understand what passion trully means were: “What makes you cry and what makes you laugh?” and “What do you dream about?”. As I read those two questions, a different level consciouness woke up within me as to what my passion is.

“The Leadership Mandate” is an awesome book for people who question whether they are a leader or not (But remember we are all leading someone). If you want to start your leadership journey get the “The Leadership Mandate”. The 10 essential elements will help you to understand what you need to do to become a leader – or a better leader – by helping you understand where you are, and get you where you want to be. Purchase the ebook at , I guarantee you won’t regret it.

After you read the book, come back and tell me, what stuck with you the most?

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  1. Dan Black says:

    Thank you so much for your kinds words and the review:)

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