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The Leadership Mandate by Dan Black (Book Review)

I have the honor and privilege of reviewing a book from a great father, husband, and leader, and someone I consider a friend, Dan Black. But before I review the book, let me just say a little bit about Dan. … Continue reading

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Great Leaders have a number two

All  leaders that aspire to be great leaders need a number two man, or woman. Batman has Robin, Lone Ranger has Tonto, and Moses had Joshua. There’s a lot to be said for having a right hand man. But no … Continue reading

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Leaders have a regimen, but are adaptable

Having a routine, or a regimen is very important. It can lead to great levels of focus which can lead to high levels of productivity. We all have some regimen. It could be good or it could be bad. I … Continue reading

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5 Keys to building Relationships

I think we are all aware of the importance of developing relationships. In a family unit it fosters a great marriage; develops children who are respectful, loving, and caring. At work it boosts employee morale and helps with productivity. There … Continue reading

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Leading Posts week of 5/20/13

Great week of posts from a group of great leaders in their own rights. It felt good getting back in the swing of things of reading and commenting on such awesome blog posts. Hope you enjoy them as much as … Continue reading

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Give up and be a Joyful Leader

Leaders should set the example of being joyful. No, being joyful doesn’t mean that everything goes your way. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have conflict with customers, employees, or conflict at home. As leaders we should set the tone … Continue reading

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Leading Posts week of 4/15/13

Some great posts I read last week. Not all these posts are from the of 4/15, many are from the week of 4/8 while I was on haitus. Hopefully you enjoyed many if not all these posts. Building Strong Relationships … Continue reading

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My Habits of being an Effective Leader

Yes, another list of being a highly effective leader. But bear with me, I think I might have something here, and hopefully you will agree. What makes this list different from others you ask? My response, “me.” I am sure … Continue reading

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Leading Posts week of 3/25

Great posts from last week. Hope you had time to enjoy these last week as well. Holy Spirit Attraction - by Ken(TheBarba) Hagerman That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re a Pharisee - by Larry Hehn 9 Signs You’re A Leader - by Joseph Lalonde The Value … Continue reading

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4 Lies Leaders tell themselves

Leadership is influence. But in order to influence others we have to have relationship with them. Many leaders fail at leadership, not because of lack of skill, intelligence, or some other ability, but because of lack of building true relationships. … Continue reading

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