Leading Posts week of 3/11/13

Below are last week’s leading posts. Hope you enjoyed them (or enjoy, if you did’t get around to them) as much as I did.

Sorry: Office of Compassion Closed - by  Connecting to Impact

How Bad Habits Enter Into Your Life - Joseph Lalonde

Create An Environment Of Growth - Joseph Lalonde

5 Things I Learned from Growing a Beard for 40 Days -Larry Hehn

Why I Enjoyed My Trip to the Dentist (Even Though It Hurt) - Larry Hehn

My Journey from Burnout!! - TJ Trent

Become an Attractive Leader - Dan Black

What other great posts did you read? 

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Leaders know Email Etiquette

I am big on communication. It is said that great leaders are great communicators. But there are pitfalls to communication – too much of it that adds no value, especially through email.

We are all pressed for time on our daily jobs to have to wade through a sea of emails with information that add no value to our work.

Receiving information should add not take away value from our work.

Below are three things I do, or don’t, when communicating information through email:

1. I don’t copy multiple people just because, or “FYI”. We all get copied on those “FYI” emails, where you scratch your head wondering why you were copied. Yes, it was probably nice to know, but not necessarily important for you to know.

2. I keep communications for appropriate times – Although I work in a 24/7 environment, it doesn’t mean that I indiscriminately send emails at all times of the day and night. I keep all email communications Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, unless it’s absolutely urgent.

Because we are creatures of habit in this mobile world, when you hear, or feel your mobile device vibrate you just want to look at your email, so I avoid sending emails outside of regular business hours.

3. If it’s going to take more than 3 emails, call the person instead- I’ve been guilty of the dozen back and forth emails. If it’s going to take more than three emails call the person.

Also, If the person is emailing you back pretty much instantaneously just get on the phone. It will prevent any misunderstanding that can happen so easily through email communication, and you’ll most likely be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently if you just pick up the phone and call.

What are some other email etiquette that you practice?  

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Leading Posts week of 3/4/13

Another round of awesome, leading posts from around the blogosphere. Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. But if you didn’t read them, here they are.

25 Ways to Boost Creativity - by Mikey Rox

The Guys in the Field Are Right and the Staff is Wrong - TJ Trent

Leadership Insights: Interview With John G. Miller of QBQ! - Joseph Lalonde

How Leaders Handle Personal Weaknesses - Dan Black

The Top 7 Ways to End Frustrating Wait-Time - Dan Rockwell

Going Out of Your Way to Avoid Wasting Time - Loren Pinilis

Any other posts you enjoyed? 

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Leading Posts week of 2/25/13

Awesome posts the last week of February. Hope you enjoyed many, if not all, these posts.

Sharing Christ More Belief than Action - Doc Shawn

3 Be’s of Leadership - Guest post by Chris Hendrix on danblackonleadership

8 Keys to Building and Having Lasting Relationships - Dan Black

Am I Too Indulgent? - TJ Trent

TJ’s Spotlight - TJ Trent

72 Proverbs from Hell. (Not the Usual Hell.) _ Gretchen Rubin

What People Will Remember - Joseph Lalonde

Any other favorite posts from last week? 

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3 Things Leaders must Endure

Being a leader is a tough role. As leaders we either get all the credit or we get all the blame. Of course as leaders we should be quick to give credit to our team members, but that’s another blog post.

Because being a leader is a tough role, one of the hallmarks of leadership is being able to endure in the midst of difficulties. Since“Everything rises and falls on leadership,” as John Maxwell aptly said, leaders have to persevere no matter the circumstances or roadblocks that face us on a regular basis.

Here a three things that leaders must endure:

1. Criticism – Leaders will be criticized over many things. Either the wrong decision was made, or not made quick enough. Or we will be criticized for not being perfect, as if perfection were a prerequisite for leadership. You name it, you’ll be criticized for it.

2. Failure – Leaders will fail. If you are human and a leader, take it from me, you will have your share of failures. But if you endure you will also have your share of successes and victories. If you have failed it’s because you are moving the in the right direction. Keep going, victory is just around the corner.

2. Resistance – When a leader implements change not everyone will welcome the changes with open arms. Team members will ride a wave of emotions that will include denial, anger, and leading up to resistance. Leaders have to stay firm in the face of resistance when it’s in the best interest of team members, customers, and the business, in general.

 What are other things that leaders will endure in their leadership run? 

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Leading Posts for the week of 2/18/13

Another great week of posts. Below are some of my favorites. Some of my favorite bloggers even got a double mention.

How to Tackle Unproductive Fears the Biblical Way - Life of a Steward

Happy Anniversary for the Day You Didn’t Die -  Ken(TheBarba) Hagerman

An Easy Way To Implement Change Within Your Organization - Joseph Lalonde

Silence Is Golden - Joseph Lalonde

Do You Have Sight or Vision? Guest Post by Bernard Haynes at danblackonleadership

Lose an Hour and You Will Hunt for it All Day -  Adam Evergood

Epiphany: It Takes a Lot of Energy To Decide To Go To Bed. - LifeRemix All

6 Thinking Principles to Excel your Leadership (Pt. 2) - Dan Black

How to Become a Leadership Expert - Dan Black

What were some of your favorite posts from last week? 

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5 Things Leaders Don’t Do

There are a lot of things that leaders do as part of their every day responsibilities. But there are also many others things that leaders shouldn’t do if they want to be well respected and effective leaders. This is my top 5 of things that leaders don’t do.

1. Leaders don’t make excuses. Leaders find solutions and put a plan in place. Where there is a will there is a way, and leaders must make a way. They don’t focus on the obstacles ahead of them, they focus on solutions.

2. Leaders don’t say “I don’t have time.”  Leaders make time and prioritize the important things. I’ve completely taken “I don’t have time” out of my vernacular. If I don’t get to something, I simply say, “I didn’t make time”. This also makes me accountable for everything that I do.

3. Leaders do not let opportunities go by. Leaders seize opportunities even if they don’t have experience. Taking on a challenge that is new can be a daunting experience. But great leaders will recognize that they don’t need to do everything themselves, they build a great team around them, and take advantage of opportunities.

4. Leaders don’t run away from problems. Problems never go away by ignoring them,or sweeping them under the rug. They just fester only to return again later. Leaders face problems head-on, as difficult as it may be. I always tell my customers, as soon as you are aware of a problem let me know right away. I rather take care of the problems while they are still in their infancy stage to head-off bigger issues later.

5. Leaders don’t give up. A hallmark of leadership is persevering even in the face of challenges. Leaders break -through and get things done. In the beginning of my leadership career, if I was confronted with opposition, I assumed that “it was, what it was”, no longer. Now I overcome all obstacles, and become tenacious in the face of opposition.

What are other things that leaders don’t do? 

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Leading Posts for the week of 2/11/13

Another great week of posts from around the blogoshpere. Below is my list of leading posts.

Do I Have Any Regrets? - TJ Trent

Why You Need Courage To Follow Your Dream Ngina Otiende (Guest post at TalesofWork)

How To Live A More Meaningful Life - Joseph Lalonde

6 Thinking Principles to Excel your Leadership (Pt.1) - Dan Black

10 Things Leaders Should Give Up During Lent - Brian Dodd

Leadership: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way - Larry Hehn

The power of digging deeper with your relationships and how it will affect your life - Jared Latigo

6 Tips to Help You Get Through Hard Times – Bernard Hayes

What were some of your good reads from last week?

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Create a Productive Environment

We all have jobs that are very demanding. We are probably wearing different hats and have many different responsibilities. You probably volunteered for a project and wishing right now, that you hadn’t volunteered.

With so many responsibilities, how can you create an environment that will keep you focused and productive? Below are four practical things you can do take to keep your focus and productivity running at maximum speed:

1. Office with lots of sunshine. Personally I enjoy looking outside a window and being able to see the sunshine, when the sun is out of course. But even more than that, it really affects my mood and the speed and quality at which I work.

2. Go to the gym and get a good workout. I workout 5 days a week. Usually, I go sometime between late morning and early afternoon. This is the best time for me, and allows for a break in my work.  When I get back home I am still pumped up from the workout, and I can re-direct that energy to continue to do my work. It really helps me to stay productive.

3. Pray and read the word of God. This is so key. I usually wake up at 5:30AM. Prayer and reading the Bible are the first things I do – yes, even before brushing my teeth. Prayer and reading the Word, really sets the tone for the rest of the day. You can really do all things through Christ who strengths you when you give him the first and best part of your day.

4. Have a to do list of what you want to accomplish for the day. Focus on the important things that you need to accomplish for the day. Don’t react to the urgent. Yes, you must take care of urgent things as they come, but you don’t schedule time for urgent things. Stay productive by completing the tasks that add the most value to your team, company, and customers.

What else can you do to create a productive environment? 

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3 Defining Moments

It’s funny how moments that may be insignificant to the naked eye, can have a profound effect on your life.

As I look back throughout the years, I think of three life-defining moments that have really shaped my life – how I live, work, and  lead.

Below are the meaning of the those three life-defining moments and the stories behind them:

1. Only you can change. We have all heard the saying, we want the whole world to change, but we won’t change ourselves. I remember back in my senior year of high school one of my classmates signed my year back  book. She wrote, “Remember no matter where you go, there you are”. And she put a smiley face. She meant it to be humorous, but 24 years later, I will never forget those words.

I actually quote those words every once in awhile. Many times people move away to get away from situations, or they might avoid people to try and prevent problems. But unless you change, your circumstances will not change. You can move to the moon, if there other humans there, you will encounter problems.

2. Set High expectations. One day, during my college days, I had to meet with my academic advisor. I sat down waiting to be called into his office. I looked up and I noticed that he had a regular 8×11 sheet of white printer paper taped to his door. It read, “The problem isn’t that we aim high and we miss, but that we aim too low and we hit”.

That piece of paper with those words really helped shaped my standards. I think of those words when I don’t feel like doing my best. It’s OK to set high standards for ourselves and others. We will never really know what we can do unless we challenge ourselves to do more than what we are used to. To do better than what we are used to.

3. No one is to blame for your circumstances. As a freshman in college all students had to take a mandatory class called, Educational Foundations. During one of the classes there was a guest speaker. The guest speaker was very dark-skinned man of either Pakistani or Indian descent.

I remember the speaker addressing the class, particularly minorities: blacks, and Hispanic like me. He said, “white people owe you nothing, and if they do, they ain’t paying up.” This was around the time of the Rodney King incident and the subsequent LA Riots. So it was a time where race relations were at a pretty low point.

I, for one have never been one two blame anyone for my circumstances. But I thank that speaker for reminding me to never blame someone else for the way our lives turn out. We have to be accountable and overcome all obstacles and not play the role of victim.

What have been some of your life-defining moments?

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